Do you like Italian?

We know you do, and so do we!  

Our annual spaghetti dinner will be held on Saturyday, April 13.  Doors open at 3:30 PM, but we’ll be closing up again at 7, so make sure to get in!  Take out is available, but we also enjoy seeing your faces in our little church home.  

Salad and Dessert are included!

Adult: $7

Child: $4



So, we’re in Lent.  Maybe you’re wondering, why got to church now.  I mean, Easter is a good time to come back, isn’t it?  It’s joyful!  We get to say “alleluia!”  There are flowers everywhere!  

That’s good, that’s true, and we’re super excited to see you on Easter!  But we’re super excited to see you this Sunday, or any Sunday, too!  Do you think we could convince you to every Sunday?

Anyway, this Sunday at St. James we will be having a vestry meeting after our 9:00 AM service.  There will donuts and coffee and some extra mingling about.  Why wait for Easter?  The parishioners here at St. James are excited to meet you now!


Our Little Internet Spot

St. James Episcopal Church takes its first step into the world of blogging!  We’re excited to carve out a niche on the internet and expand our outreach.  Keep an eye on this space as we figure our way about.  We will have updates on our spring dinner date and pricing as soon as possible!